Inside NYtechies

NYtechies is an organization that I started of dedicated, experienced website designers and developers. We help in realizing and bringing to life your online vision and ideas and take ultimate pride in working with you until the project is brought to life.

We started with an idea to provide tech support and computer consulting in 2003, soon after we saw the need by our clients in providing web design and other areas of multimedia. Web design became an enjoyable part of the business where it allowed my creativity to come out. I wanted to create an experience with our clients and not just another website where you can get a company’s phone number and address. Today, though NYtechies still provides tech support and consulting….web site design and development is the love of the company and has become the #1 service provided.

At NYtechies, we feel it is our duty to provide a special type of service for each client. We understand that our role in developing a new website, designing graphics, or even simply registering a domain name is an important investment for you. Our team is dedicated to each project, ensuring that all our clients receive professional service from start to finish.

Team Members

William Henriquez

Director of Design & Development